We are society…

From the clothes we wear to the places we visit and food we eat, most of our choices are influenced by social media which is what majority of people refer to as "society". The thing is that we cannot shove... Continue Reading →

Staying motivated (during exams)

Exams can get stressful, especially with the pressure to do well is coming from all different directions and sometimes it gets a tad too overwhelming. But that's okay. The weekend before exams officially commence, try taking a day out and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven

This book is about a girl named Libby Strout who was once labeled as America's fattest teen, weighing over 650 pounds. Her story starts when she is feeling a lot happier about her body and decides to go back to... Continue Reading →


For some people change can be easy, others may find it difficult or strange, maybe I'm one of those...Sure enough, for me change is  Daunting.  This year My parents and I decided together that It would be best for me... Continue Reading →

First Blog post

I'm not entirely sure on what this post should be about, but I had an idea of really just introducing myself as a first post. I'm 14 years of age, soon turning 15. Proudly South African (you know you're a... Continue Reading →

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